PRSN.NL; the diary iPhone App to make your life memorable

It's time to take things personal

Logging and sharing our daily life is common practice with our phone as our closest companion. Enjoying personal memories should be at the heart of it all. The PRSN.NL iPhone App let's you store photo, text or location in a stylish timeline. Private and shared entries are literally divided, revealing beautiful artwork along the way. You can browse your entries chronologically or hopscotch through your life via tags. Finally, there's the 'Abstract', which you just have to see for yourself.

PRSN.NL is only the latest incarnation of an ongoing effort by Almar van der Krogt of to join the beautiful and the functional. And to help you make a personal statement in our physical and virtual worlds.

Diary, journal, your notes: memorable

Your life and the way you recount it is the best memory to have. That's why we evolved into the PRSN.NL iPhone App; to make your life memorable.

Modern life is both personal and social, as well as physical and virtual. We accommodate for these circumstances by providing a private and a public view to your memories in the form of texts, photos and locations. Closed and open. Savoured and shared. You flip between them with the flick of your finger. Also revealing the beauty that lies in between.

Of course your life proceeds chronologically and that is how you can browse through it, but by tilting your phone you enter the tag view. It allows you to see connected memories and jump right into another time of your life.

One more thing: quantifying yourself. Not those boring bar graphs or pie-charts, but a beautiful bead pattern that reflects your life as you recounted it. We call it the 'Abstract'. You have to 'see it for yourself', because it literally is unique for every user.

Art at the heart

Since it's very beginning the quest at PRSN.NL has been to join the functions of our digital life with the beauty of art and design. So next to functional enhancements of the App, expect to see developments in ways to enjoy (digital) art from the heart of your device.


(N.B. The App requires iOS6 or higher and uses analytics without sending and storing any identifying information. It is available in English only for now, unlike the statement in the App Store)

"If two applications are equally functional, the most beautiful one is better." Almar van der Krogt, Creator of PRSN.NL
"When I run out of blue, I use red" Pablo Picasso
About PRSN.NL - memorable

PRSN.NL is the basis for a range of iPhone Apps that give people a personal handle on their thoughts, pictures and places; both private and shared. It's designed to befit the value of it's contents; their precious memories and their public image.
Virtual decoration has been at the heart of company since it's inception in 2010. PRSN.NL is a subsidiary of and based in Deventer, the Netherlands.